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Where to stay in Osaka? Best districts + Hotels

Looking for the best place to stay in Osaka?

Follow the guide, we have tested, listed and detailed for you the best areas to stay in Osaka as well as the best hotels.

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Here are the best places to stay in Osaka with hotels ranging from luxury to cheap. They all have great reviews and are in great locations!

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Which district should you choose to sleep in Osaka?

There are many neighbourhoods in the city and each is suited to a certain type of traveller. Your choice depends on where you want to stay – do you want to be as central as possible, or perhaps you’re travelling with your family and children and want a more relaxed atmosphere. Or perhaps you want to be as close as possible to the Universal Studios theme park or in the perfect location for cherry blossom season?

Here are my recommendations on where to stay in Osaka for every type of traveller:

Osaka Central

Osaka is a big city and its city centre is, naturally, quite big too. Osaka Central is generally divided into two different parts:

Kita – the northern part of the city centre, located around the Umeda district.
Minami – the southern part of the city centre, located around the Namba district.

Namba and Umeda are the best choices for travellers wishing to stay in central Osaka and are particularly good choices for first-time visitors to Osaka. Here you’ll be close to everything you need, with countless cafes around you, well-known attractions, shops and restaurants, train lines and TONS of hotels to choose from.

Umeda is more modern and the best place to stay in Osaka for young people; the Namba district is more traditional, with a lively local nightlife. Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it!

Here are the hotels I recommend in Osaka’s two central districts:

Where to stay in Osaka for the first time: Namba (Minami)

Namba is one of the favourite choices of people travelling to this city. It’s a vibrant district where you’ll have something to do from early morning until very late at night, as many entertainment venues, shops and restaurants are open until late and some are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Staying in the Namba district is also a convenient choice, as you’ll be well-connected to the rest of the city and have plenty of restaurants and street food outlets on your doorstep. It’s also an ideal location if you want to be connected to the airport or go on day trips (Nara, Kyoto, etc.), as you’ll be close to public transport – no less than 3 stations and the Midosuji metro line too.

What’s more, most of the hotels in this district have larger rooms than normal Japanese hotels (Japanese hotels are rather small, for the record).

Namba (Minami) is actually a larger district that contains other well-known but smaller districts, such as :

Dotonbori – famous district, full of neon lights and the iconic Glico Man;
Shinsaibashi – the city’s most important shopping street and a great entertainment district;
Nipponbashi – also known as Den-Den Town, this is an area famous for electronics, anime and collectibles.

That said, here are my hand-picked Osaka hotels in the Namba district:

Upscale hotel

❤️ Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka – If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Dotonbori in Osaka, this is your choice! This 4-star accommodation is less than a 10-minute walk from the famous district and is directly connected to Namba Station – how great is that! See availability and prices on Booking.com

Hillarys Hotel Osaka – I continue my list of hotel recommendations with a superb 4 star hotel. This beautiful hotel is just a short walk from Namba Station and Namba Shrine. It awaits you with a delicious buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, great rooms and much more! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Best value for money

❤️ Hotel Mystays Osaka Shinsaibashi – If you want to stay in Shinsaibashi for a good price, this is your choice! This beautiful 3-star hotel has all the facilities and amenities you could need, including free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, clean rooms, cosy beds and much more! See availability and prices on Booking.com.


Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Namba – If you want to stay in a capsule hotel in Osaka, look no further! If you choose this Osaka capsule hotel, you’ll be close to the city centre and experience staying in capsules, which are small rooms with one bed. The prices are very attractive, but they are not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Where to stay in Osaka to visit: Umeda (Kita)

Umeda is more modern than Namba and doesn’t have the main cultural attractions that Namba has, but it’s a super-central district and a very convenient place to stay! Umeda is very accessible and connected to public transport, which means you can easily get around the whole of Osaka, but it’s also a great starting point for day trips (Kobe, Kyoto, etc.).

It’s also the city’s main business centre, which can only mean one thing: the hotel options are literally endless! Here’s what I’d recommend if you want to stay in Umeda:

Upscale hotel

Hilton Osaka – This stunning and stylish hotel is located very close to Umeda metro station and countless shopping and dining options! The 5-star service will leave you impressed and you’re sure to enjoy the swimming pool, fitness centre and no less than 5 on-site dining options. This is your choice if you want a hotel near Herbis Osaka and Umeda Sky Building! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Best value for money

❤️ Hotel Monterey Le Frere 4 – This beautiful hotel offers excellent value for money! During your stay, you’re sure to enjoy the buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, friendly and helpful staff and, of course, the comfortable rooms! See availability and prices on Booking.com.


ibis Budget Umeda Osaka Hotel– If you’re looking for a nice, clean hotel where you can stay in downtown Osaka without breaking the bank, this is it! This hotel is just a 7-minute walk from Umeda Station and the Umeda Sky Building, which is a big plus! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Where to stay in Osaka with your family: Osaka Bay and Studio Universels

If you’re visiting the city with your family or because you want to go to Universal Studios, staying near this attraction might be a good idea for you!

Universal Studios is located close to Osaka Bay, so I recommend that you stay in this area. If you do this, you’ll also be close to the Osaka Aquarium and the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, but you won’t be as close to the city centre.

I’d recommend the Osaka Bay area especially for people travelling with children, as it’s a quiet area and the little ones will certainly enjoy going to Universal Studios. There are also plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities nearby!

Here are the best hotels in Osaka Bay, some of which are perfect for families:

Upscale hotel

Hyatt Regency Osaka – This hotel is one of my top recommendations for travellers looking to stay in the bay! This famous 5-star hotel is one of the best hotels near Universal Studios Osaka and the Osaka Aquarium and awaits you with no less than 5 on-site restaurants (wow!), an indoor and outdoor pool, fitness centre and many more luxury facilities! See availability and prices on Booking.com

Best value for money

❤️ Auberge du Tanuki Noir (Guest House) – Perhaps you are looking for a comfortable guest house in Osaka, why not? If so, here’s your answer! This cute guesthouse is ideal for two travellers and offers excellent service at an affordable price! See availability and prices on Booking.com


Hostel Jin – While the Bay Area boasts some luxurious hotels, there are also some great options for budget travellers! Hostel Jin is a good example and one of my top recommendations for this area. It has free Wi-Fi, dormitory rooms, a shared kitchen, a terrace and lots of other facilities you’ll love!

Cheap places to stay in Osaka: Honmachi

Wondering where to stay cheap in Osaka? Go to Honmachi! It’s a fabulous choice for budget travellers, as you’ll find lots of amazing accommodation at excellent prices!

Another amazing thing about Honmachi is that it’s located right between, and within walking distance of, Namba (Minami) and Umeda (Kita). While this area doesn’t particularly have its own landmarks and attractions, you can easily get to Umeda or Namba and you’ll also be close to plenty of restaurants, shops, cafes and the like. But Honmachi is more laid-back than my first two recommendations.

You’ll also have Honmachi station (Midosuji metro line) nearby, which means you’ll be well connected to the rest of the city.

Here are the best Osaka hotels in Honmachi to choose from:

Upscale Hotel

St.Regis Osaka – This stunning 5-star boutique hotel in Osaka offers high quality services to all its guests! The decor is exquisite, the rooms are sparkling clean and very comfortable, they also have Nespresso coffee machines, a business centre, an exercise room and many other useful amenities! See availability and prices on Booking.com

❤️ Excel Hotel Tokyu – Here’s another great choice of luxury hotels in Osaka! Make sure you book a room here if you want to be in a perfect location, in fact very close to Namba Station. You’ll also get free Wi-Fi, luggage storage and much more! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Best value for money

Tokyu Stay Osaka Hommachi – If you choose to stay at this hotel, you’ll be close to plenty of shopping and dining options, and the service from the staff is just perfect! This 4-star hotel offers great value for money! See availability and prices on Booking.com.


Roots Hostel – As I mentioned in the description, Honmachi is a great choice for budget travellers. My first recommendation is Roots Hostel – modern and with a cool design! Here you can choose between bunk beds or private rooms, depending on your budget and preferences. See availability and prices on Booking.com

Where to stay near Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the city’s most famous attractions, and the area around it is an excellent choice if you want to stay in the best possible spot to see the cherry blossoms!

This area is, understandably, a little more traditional and not as cool as my recommendations above, but you’ll be close to the metro station, which is a big plus.

This area is quieter and quieter and you won’t have as many restaurants, shopping streets or nightlife opportunities here, but you will be 30 minutes from the city centre by metro.

But believe me, if you’re visiting Osaka during the cherry blossom season (late March), this is THE place to be! The area is completely transformed and it’s simply enchanting!

Here are our top picks for hotels around Osaka Castle:

Upscale hotel

❤️ Noku Hotel – If you want to stay close to the castle in style, this is your choice! This beautiful 4-star hotel offers incredible service and the staff are always friendly and happy to help. It also has an on-site restaurant! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Best value for money

Kichinan – This cosy hotel is about 1 km from the castle, so a short walk will take you to one of the city’s most famous sights! The rooms are simple but clean, and a great choice for a good night’s sleep after a day of exploring! See availability and prices on Booking.com.


CharinCo Osaka Hostel – You can also stay near Osaka Castle at a reasonable price, did you know? It’s actually possible and it’s the best hostel in Osaka near the castle! This colourful hostel is a fun place to stay if you want to make friends with other travellers, and the rooms are nice and clean. See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Where to stay in Osaka’s traditional district: Nakazakicho

If you’re not a fan of modern districts, this is the perfect choice for you!

This district is simply charming, full of authentic Japanese streets, old houses, local eateries and cafés, art galleries and more. This very pleasant district is only one stop away from Osaka and Umeda stations, which means you’ll be super close to the city centre! This area is also quieter, and you’ll get a taste of traditional Japan here.

If this area sounds like your cup of tea, here’s where you can stay for a fabulous experience:

Upscale hotel

InterContinental Hotel – This is one of Osaka’s finest 5-star hotels. It’s only 900m from the station, which I think is a great advantage! The rooms are very spacious (at least by Japanese standards) and the hotel is only 5 minutes from JR Osaka station! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Best value for money

❤️ Hotel Wing International Select – If you choose to stay here, you will be close to many attractions such as temples, a beautiful park, shopping streets and more! The property also has an on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi and everything else you could need! See availability and prices on Booking.com.


Linda Hostel 106 – I think staying in hostels is a great choice, especially in Japan, where prices tend to be a bit higher than in other parts of the world! This hostel is one of the best choices in the city, in fact – it has bunk beds and family rooms too, which is a big plus, I think! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Where to stay in an authentic district: Tennoji

Tennoji is another great choice for budget travellers, but also a fabulous neighbourhood if you want to experience an authentic side of Japan.

Tennoji is close to the castle and Namba, and there are many attractions to explore here, including a beautiful park (Tennoji-koen Park) and a zoo. This makes the district ideal for people travelling to Osaka with children!

Staying near Tennoji station is also a good choice, as you’ll be well connected to the city, as you’ll have the Midosuji metro line nearby, as well as the Osaka loop train line. But beware, as the area is becoming increasingly popular after the completion of the Abeno Harukas skyscraper in 2014 – the tallest building in Japan!

Below, you can read my hand-picked hotel recommendations in Tennoji:

Upscale hotel

Marriott Miyako Hotel – I’m sure you’re already familiar with Marriott hotels. Their service is always good and their hotel near Tennoji Station is the perfect place for luxury travellers, trust me! This hotel is one of the most popular choices in Osaka and it awaits you with free Wi-Fi, beautiful rooms and stunning panoramic views of the city! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

Best value for money

❤️ Hotel & Resort Bali Tower Tennoji – This beautiful 3-star hotel in Tennoji is in a great location, just 3 minutes from the train station and close to Abeno Harukas! The name says it all, as they have a beautiful Balinese setting in the middle of Japan – nice and fun! See availability and prices on Booking.com


Yolo Hotel Museum – If you’re looking for a place to stay in a cool, modern atmosphere, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! This hotel is surrounded by a great shopping street and also has family rooms – a great advantage! See availability and prices on Booking.com

Where to stay in Osaka near the train station: Shin-Osaka

Shin-Osaka station is located in the north of the city and is the best place to stay in Osaka for people who want to travel around Japan. And why is that? Because here you’ll have easy access to the shinkansen (Japan’s famous high-speed train), saving you precious time.

And don’t worry, if you’re staying here, you’ll also be close to a number of metro stations that will get you to the centre in less than half an hour (7 minutes for Umeda). As this area is a major transport hub in the city, you’ll find tons of restaurants, cafés and shopping streets around Shin-Osaka station, so you won’t be bored. There’s no need to talk about hotel choices – there are so many options!

Here are some great hotels in the area:

Upscale hotel

Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station Hotel – This luxurious 5-star hotel is my top recommendation for this area and a great choice for anyone who wants to be spoilt during their stay! It’s actually one of the best hotels in Osaka if you want to catch the high speed train easily! The rooms are very nice and most of them offer magnificent views of the city!

Best value for money

❤️ Sarasa Hotel Shin Osaka – This pleasant and comfortable 3-star hotel is my recommendation for travellers looking for a bargain that offers top quality service at an affordable price. Hotel Sarasa awaits you with a delicious buffet breakfast each morning, 24-hour reception, its own restaurant, free Wi-Fi, family rooms and much more!


Nine Hours Shin Osaka Station – This beautiful budget hotel in Osaka is located just 200 metres from Shin Osaka Station, which I think is its biggest advantage! They have several room types to choose from and the capsule rooms offer the best value for money. Simple and efficient!

The best flats in Osaka

Now that you know everything you need to know about the best hotels in the city, what about flats? Osaka has plenty of them too!

The advantage of staying in a flat is that, most of the time, you’ll get a warmer local atmosphere, and some flats are very affordable. But be warned, they’re not as spacious as hotel rooms in general!

That said, below are my recommendations for flats, scattered around the centre of Osaka city:

Upscale hotel

❤️ Apartments Ostay Tanimachi Hotel Apartment 3 – If you want to enjoy a certain elegance while staying in a comfortable flat, you can, especially in Osaka! This beautiful flat has a very simple, modern decor and is one of the best choices in the city, believe me!

Best value for money

Hanazono no Yado – This 4-star flat awaits you with very affordable prices! This accommodation features a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a cosy dining area and more!


E-stay Ebisu – Osaka also offers a wide range of budget flats! This pleasant accommodation has great prices and the design is really beautiful if you ask me! They have free Wi-Fi, a balcony, a fully functional kitchen and are large enough to sleep up to 4 people.

The best hotels near Osaka airport

Perhaps you’re only staying in Osaka for a short stopover or have a flight arriving late at night? In these cases, staying close to the airport can be an excellent solution.

Osaka is close to two different airports – Kansai and Itami. Whichever airport you arrive at, I’ll give you my personalised recommendations (one hotel per budget):

Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is Osaka’s international airport. If you have a flight arriving here, I recommend staying at one of the hotels below:

❤️ Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport – This is my recommendation for luxury travellers who want to be close to Kansai Airport. Aside from the luxurious 4-star facilities and amenities, the best thing about Hotel Nikko in Osaka is that it’s incredibly close to the airport – just a 3-minute walk! It really is the best Osaka airport hotel!

Henn Na Hotel Kansai Osaka – If you’re looking for a great mid-range hotel close to the hotel, this is your choice! One of the biggest advantages of this hotel is that it offers an airport shuttle which you can use during your stay. What’s more, the rooms are simple, comfortable and clean!

Osaka International Airport (Itami)

Osaka International Airport (ITM), also known as Itami Airport, is Osaka’s domestic airport. If you have a stopover in another Japanese city and fly to Osaka, you will most likely land here.

There aren’t any super close hotels to this airport, but here are some good hotels I’ve found within 6km of it:

❤️ MINT Hotel – If you’re looking for a luxury hotel near Osaka Airport located as close to the terminals as possible, look no further! This 3-star hotel has spacious, cosy rooms, perfect for a good night’s sleep! It’s actually the closest hotel to the airport I could find, at just 1.5 km!

Senri Hankyu Hotel Osaka – This is another good choice for those landing or taking off from Itami Airport. This 4-star hotel is ideal for double travellers and is only 6km from the airport – you can get there in 12 minutes by monorail!

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