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Where to stay in Oslo? Best districts + Hotels

Looking for the best place to stay in Oslo?

Follow the guide, we have tested, listed and detailed for you the best places to stay in Oslo as well as the best hotels.

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Here are the best areas to stay in Oslo with hotels ranging from luxury to cheap. They all have excellent reviews and are very well located!

Note : These hotels are among the most popular, so don’t delay in booking. What’s more, they offer a free cancellation policy, so don’t worry if you change your mind

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Where to stay in Oslo for the first time: The city centre

Oslo’s city centre (or, as the locals call it, Sentrum) could well be the best place to stay in Oslo if it’s your first visit to the city! It’s a unique blend of modern and historic architecture (such as City Hall) that serves as a gateway to unforgettable adventures and sights throughout Norway. Oslo offers endless possibilities when it comes to shopping, attractions and gastronomy. Everyone will find something suitable to make the most of their trip to Oslo, plus everything is within walking distance. And if you want to explore further, the central station is also here!

Sentrum is where you can find Norway’s royalty. The current monarch lives in the Royal Palace, located at the top of Karl Johans Gate, and the Royal Palace Park surrounds the entire palace. What you’ll notice straight away is that there are no gates or guards around the palace, and you can practically walk up and knock on the door! If that doesn’t show you straight away just how honest and respectful Norwegians are, you’ll soon realise!

Here are the best hotels and flats in Oslo city centre.

Top-of-the-range hotels

Hotel Bristol: Ultra-elegant hotel with free gym and sauna included in the room rate. With its antique furnishings and upper-class atmosphere, this hotel will make you feel like a 1920s celebrity. In fact, this historic hotel includes the Library Bar, which was a popular meeting place for Norwegian high society for decades. This is certainly one of the best places to stay in Oslo! See availability and prices on Booking.com

Best value for money

❤️ Scandic Victoria: One of the newest hotels, close to Oslo Station and Karl Johans Gate. It has a gym, good dining options and a central location. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Comfort Hotel Xpress: Located right next to the central station, this hotel is perfect for those who prefer convenience. Everything is within walking distance. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Modern flat: Unique flat with fantastic light design and modern features, close to all of Oslo’s best central attractions. See availability and prices on Booking.com

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What to do in Oslo Sentrum

  • Walk to the Royal Palace at the end of Karl Johans Gate.
  • See the Rådhuset building
  • Visit the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.
  • Take a walk in the central palace park
  • Explore the Historical Museum
  • See the Norwegian Parliament building
  • Visit the Viking Planet Museum
  • Discover the 19th-century Town Hall

Where to stay in Oslo with your family: Frogner

Frogner is another excellent area to stay in Oslo. Like Aker Brygge, it offers superb views of Oslo, but from a different angle! Frogner is also ideal for nature lovers and families! It has a huge, manicured park that you can explore during the day and relax in at night. The area around Frogner also offers plenty of shops and good restaurants, while being a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, making it an ideal place for families to stay!

Frogner is one of Oslo’s most luxurious districts, structured by expensive real estate and hotels. It owes its name to the Frogner manor house, built by Ludvig Holberg in the 18th century. Frogner Manor and Park are one of the highlights of this part of Oslo. The park was designed by municipal gardener Hans Schou between 1852 and 1865. It is also filled with statues of mythical creatures, authors and artists, as well as an important monument, the “Lion of Nidaros”.

Top-of-the-range hotel

❤️ Camillas Hus: you can enjoy a luxurious stay at the Camillas Hus hotel. It is located in the heart of Oslo, close to the best things to do. It offers beautiful, cosy rooms with everything you could need during your stay in Oslo. The hotel serves a continental and a la carte breakfast every morning, as well as exceptional service and all the necessary amenities. See availability and prices on Booking.com

Best value for money

Saga Hotel Oslo: offers comfortable rooms with an unusual exterior design. It is 500 metres from the Royal Palace and 15 minutes from Frogner Park. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Frogner House Apartments: These stylish flats have a fully equipped kitchenette, bathroom and heated wooden floors. A full breakfast can also be ordered. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Cosy and comfortable flat: beautiful flat in a great location with access to a shared games room, laundry room and roof terrace. See availability and prices on Booking.com

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What to do in Frogner

  • Visit the Vigeland Museum
  • Explore the sculptures in Frogner Park
  • Admire the unusual shape of the American Lutheran congregation.
  • Visit the church in Frogner
  • See the Riddervolds plasse
  • Explore the skies at the Observatoriet
  • Visit the Oslo City Museum and Frogner Manor.

Where to stay in Oslo by the water: Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge is another best area to stay in Oslo and my favourite area of the city. It offers stunning views of Oslo and a unique experience where you can walk along the sea and watch the ships go by. It’s one of the trendiest and most modern areas of the city, with waterfront restaurants dotted along the pedestrian-only zone (it reminds me a lot of Vancouver). The waterfront area has had a facelift and is now home to some of the city’s most Instagrammable spots, such as the opera house. Aker Brygge is one of the best places to stay to start exploring the city’s main attractions!

If you want to see more of nature, cross the bridge (Aker Brygge) and you’ll arrive at Aker Brygge metro station, which will take you to Nydalen station (if you’re coming from Sentrum).

Tjuvholmen is another popular spot in Oslo – a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge. Once there, it’s just a short walk along the waterfront to Aker Brygge. Tjuvholmen is perfect for any traveller wishing to explore Oslo and spend some quality time outdoors! There are plenty of cafés, restaurants, nightclubs and the homes of Norwegian celebrities.

Upmarket hotel

The Thief: A luxury hotel offering in-room spa treatments, swimming pool and free gym. The Aker Brygge promenade is a short walk from the hotel. The Thief has spacious rooms with a built-in sound system and a private balcony. Another great perk is that all guests receive free entry to the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. After your visit, you can enjoy a spa treatment in the Turkish Hamam bath and relax in the rooftop bar. See availability and prices on Booking.com

Best value for money

❤️ The Thon Hotel Vika Atrium: offers clean, comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV, just a short walk from the Nobel Peace Centre. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Private Room: Classic Norwegian design with a fantastic rooftop offering 360-degree views of the city in a central location. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Fjord View Apartment: A luxurious one-bedroom flat with sea views. A charming place to stay close to bars and restaurants. See availability and prices on Booking.com

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What to do in Aker Brygge

  • Visit the National Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Get a view of Oslo’s landmarks from Sneak Peak.
  • Admire the art at Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park.
  • Visit the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.
  • Take a cruise on the Oslo Fjord.
  • Climb to the roof of the opera house
  • Visit the Nobel Peace Centre
  • Walk to the Akershus fortress

Where to stay in Oslo’s trendy district: Grünerløkka

The name in Norwegian translates as “green hill”, a reference to the gentle hill on which the district sits. It is located immediately to the north-east of the city centre. Grünerløkka has undergone major investment in recent years, with new restaurants, cafés, cultural venues and nightlife making it one of Oslo’s trendiest spots today! If you’re looking to spot young Norwegian celebrities, this is one of the best places to stay for you.

The main thoroughfare is the Grünerløkka strip, a lively boulevard dotted with restaurants, pubs and cafés. Grünerløkka was one of the first areas of Oslo to experience a population explosion when industrialisation in the 19th century brought many people from all over Norway closer to their work. This also means that there are a lot of international cultures in this district. I love walking through the streets of Grunerløkka and smelling all the different authentic restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. One of the best things about Grunerløkka is that even though it’s extremely popular, it’s still very affordable. You’ll want to stay here if you’re looking for a trendy residential area of Oslo.

Upmarket hotel

❤️ Maya Apartments: Modern luxury flats with all the luxury Scandinavian amenities you could wish for on your Oslo holiday. Situated in a beautiful building and conveniently located, Maua Apartments guarantee a comfortable and private stay in this incredible city. See availability and prices on Booking.com

Best value for money

PS:hotel by Nordic Choice: A 4-star hotel with large windows and glass doors, right opposite the famous Mathallen food hall! See availability and prices on Booking.com


Comfort Xpress Youngstorget: Modern, stylish hotel with budget rooms close to many attractions. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Urban Apartments Grünerløkka: A spacious studio apartment for 2 people with everything you need to stay a while. See availability and prices on Booking.com

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What to do in Grünerløkka

  • Visit the natural history museum
  • Relax in Sofienberg Park and the many other green spaces in the area
  • Find your favourite object in the Peer Gynt sculpture park.
  • Take the kids to Eventyrfabrikken
  • Try your hand at rock climbing at Klatreverket Torshov
  • Dine in a local hipster restaurant

Where to stay in Oslo for shopping: Majorstua

The Majorstua district lies to the north-west of the city centre. It is a popular green area with many parks, sports facilities, good restaurants and pubs. It’s about 10 minutes from the city centre by public transport (or ~25 on foot) and right next to Frogner. You will notice that Oslo is a city full of nature. If you haven’t already guessed from the photos of Norway’s incredible mountains and fjords, Norwegians love the outdoors, even in the city! Majorstuen is right next to one of the city’s biggest parks. I spent hours here exploring all the statues and sculptures!

Majorstuen is home to the upmarket shopping street Bogstadveien and the vintage market Vestkanttorvet. It’s also known for its lively nightlife. Bogstadveien’s main street is the most popular choice for shoppers. Although there aren’t many hotel options here, its chic design atmosphere and countless boutiques make it perfect for those looking for a luxurious stay in Oslo.

Upmarket hotel

Thon Hotel Slottsparken: This hotel offers superb rooms with all the necessary amenities and modern interior design. The style of the hotel is minimalist and pleasing to the eye. It is close to many attractions that you may want to visit during your stay in Oslo. This is one of the best hotels in the Majorstua area. See availability and prices on Booking.com

Best value for money

❤️ Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel: a beautiful hotel with large rooms and beautiful views of the city. The booking includes a gym, sauna and swimming pool. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Cochs Pensjonat: nice, clean and modern rooms, excellent staff, close to everything the area has to offer. See availability and prices on Booking.com


Wonderful apartment: A reasonably priced one-bedroom flat within walking distance of the main street. See availability and prices on Booking.com

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What to do in Majorstua

  • Explore Frogner Park and all its art sculptures
  • Visit the Oslo tram museum
  • Visit the international children’s art museum – Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet.
  • Swim in Frognerbadet
  • Visit Valkyrie Plass, a historic square in the district.
  • Find bargains at Vestkanttorget market.

How to see the Northern Lights in Norway near Oslo?

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are one of the world’s most elusive natural spectacles. You might think you’d have to travel to places like Alaska or Canada to see them, but in fact Norway is one of the best places in Europe to see this magnificent phenomenon (along with Iceland).

You don’t need a telescope or a sophisticated camera either; a clear sky and a little patience are all you need!

The Northern Lights are easiest to observe between October and March, after which you’ll have daylight all day. The best place to see them is probably near Tromsø, Norway’s most northerly city and a popular spot for arctic sightings. Oh, and Tromsø has plenty of hotels, hostels and campsites.

See the best hotels in Tromsø on booking.com

My best tip for spotting them would be to try and stay in Tromsø for a week (at least 3-4 days if you can’t!) and keep your fingers crossed! I’d also recommend taking part in an excursion to make sure you see an aurora borealis! Find out more about the excursion here.

How do I get from Oslo to Tromso?

There are direct flights from Oslo to Tromsø at least once a day, the flight takes just under 2 hours.

It will take much longer, but you can get to Tromsø by train (1 h 3) or by car (22 h). The north coast road (E6) is open all year round and is well worth the trip even if you don’t see the lights.

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