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Where to stay in Saint Petersburg? Top districts + Hotels

Looking for the best place to stay in Saint Petersburg?

Follow the guide, we have tested, listed and detailed for you the best places to stay in Saint Petersburg as well as the best hotels.

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Here are the best areas to stay in St Petersburg with hotels ranging from luxury to cheap. They all have excellent reviews and are very well located!

Note : These hotels are among the most popular, so don’t delay in booking. What’s more, they offer a free cancellation policy, so don’t worry if you change your mind

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Which district to choose for accommodation in Saint Petersburg?

Choosing a neighbourhood for accommodation in St Petersburg, as you will see, is fairly easy.

St Petersburg is a safe city, so any part of the city is safe. The city is very large, with 18 districts.

So I’m going to concentrate on two areas of the central district where I recommend staying in Saint Petersburg: Tsentralny and Admiralteysky

The city centre: the Tsentralny and Admiralteysky districts

The two most central districts, where the majority of tourist attractions are to be found, are Tsentralny (which means city centre) and Admiralteysky (where the Admiralty is located). These are the areas with the best public transport links, but if you stay in the centre, you can walk to many tourist attractions.

For short stays, these are the best choices. What’s more, this is where you’ll find the largest range of hotels and flats in the city.

Here are the best hotels in these areas of St Petersburg:

Upmarket hotels in St Petersburg

Petro Palace Hotel: Located in the heart of St Petersburg, the Petro Palace Hotel offers high quality services to its guests. These include an indoor swimming pool and gym, perfect for spending time when you’re not exploring the city.

Past guests have described the hotel as excellent, and it has the advantage of being within walking distance of a metro station. This means you can get from A to B in no time! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

❤️ MFK Gornyi: MFK Gornyi is an amazing place to stay in St Petersburg! There are plenty of cafes and restaurants waiting for guests.

To make sure you can get a room in this hotel, you should book it right away, because according to the comments of previous users, this hotel is very popular during the high season. See availability and prices on Booking.com.

What is check-in? This is a Russian law (very outdated if you ask me) that requires every foreigner to register at the immigration office on the first (!) day of arrival. If you’re staying in a hotel, they do the whole procedure for you. But if you’re staying in a flat, you’ll probably have to deal with it yourself.

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Best value for money IN SAINT PETERSBURG

Imperial Apartment Fontanka: ImperialApartFontanka is located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg. As a result, guests are always within walking distance of many tourist attractions.

This flat will make you feel at home and offer you the chance to explore Russian culture in its purest form, as it is located close to museums and other points of interest.

We advise you to book it as soon as possible, as it is difficult to know how much longer it will be available. See availability and prices on Booking.com.

❤️ Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Vasilievsky: This superb hotel is close to Vasileostrovskaia metro station. However, if you like walking, you won’t be bored, as there are plenty of sights to see nearby!

This excellent restaurant serves traditional Russian cuisine as well as international dishes.

Past guests have said that this hotel was one of their top choices when travelling to St Petersburg. We encourage you to have the same experience by booking a room now. See availability and prices on Booking.com.

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Fontanka River View Hostel: Fontanka River View Hostel is located right in the centre of Saint Petersburg and offers rooms with direct river views.

Guests have access to a kitchen where they can prepare their own meals. Free Wi-Fi access is also provided by this hostel.

Past guests have commented that this hostel is exceptionally spacious and the staff are very friendly. Taking all these aspects into account, you should probably book a room now, because if you wait, there’s a good chance you’ll run out! See availability and prices on Booking.com.

❤️ Petrogradka: Petrogradka has been described by previous guests as a very comfortable and clean accommodation, which provides guests with free Wi-Fi, fridge, microwave and heating.

It is located within walking distance of Chkalovskaya metro station, which is very convenient for travellers wishing to visit the city. See availability and prices on Booking.com.

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That’s it! I hope this list of the best areas to stay in Saint Petersburg and the best hotels to stay in will help you organise your stay in this sublime Russian city. In the meantime, please share your thoughts and tips on where to stay in the comments. счастливого пути! (bon voyage in Russian 😄 )

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