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The 15 best free activities in Dubrovnik

Do you want to visit Dubrovnik and spend as little as possible?

Then follow this Top 15 free tours, museums and activities to do in Dubrovnik that we have created for you to enjoy without breaking the bank.

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Go for a walk on the old port


The old port is one of the prettiest places in Dubrovnik and is a must-see when visiting the city. Dubrovnik was once a very influential port in Europe, the first competitor of the Venetian city

On the old port, located in the east of the city, you will find beautiful arcades that might pique your curiosity. It is also from this harbor that you will see the boats leaving and returning from the island of Lokrum


During our trip, we really enjoyed walking around the old harbor at sunset, after a dinner in a restaurant for example

It’s a completely free activity, you only need your legs to go and your eyes to admire.

Top free tours in Dubrovnik: Contemplating the Onofrio Fountain


The great Onofrio Fountain as we know it dates back to the 17th century, but it is a restoration of a monument that was more imposing before

It was mainly used to supply water to the city, and in particular to store the precious resources transported by an aqueduct network


The name of the great fountain is due to its builder Onofrio della Cava, originally from Naples, Italy. It is fed by a river that flows more than 10 km from the city at an altitude of 100 m. It is one of the symbols of Dubrovnik.

Walk along the Stradun from the great fountain of Onofrio


The Stradun is a large street that crosses the old city, connecting the Great Fountain of Onofrio to the west and the old port to the east

The Stradun is a very busy and lively street where you will find cafes, restaurants and stores

It is a very busy street for tourists, so we recommend it in the morning or evening

Most of Dubrovnik’s historical buildings and monuments are located along Stradun, which makes it a popular tourist spot

The feast of Dubrovnik’s patron saint, St. Blaise, is held on Stradun every February 3. Occasional concerts are also held at Stradun, which is also very often used for New Year’s celebrations.

Going to the beach


Dubrovnik is by the water and has many beaches that are very pleasant for tourists. Some of them are private and belong to hotels, while others are public and will make your stay pleasant

We especially recommend Banje beach, where the white sand and the view of the city walls make for an idyllic setting for relaxation

Dubrovnik’s beaches tend to be very crowded so we recommend checking out the city’s small, secret beaches if you want to be quiet.

Stroll to Mount Srd


Mount Srd overlooks Dubrovnik behind its walls and is 412 meters above sea level. It is part of the Dinaric Alps

Of course you can choose to go up by cable car but it will not be free

So we recommend you to take a walking tour to admire the breathtaking view of Dubrovnik that the hill offers. A zigzagging calvary climbs up from the city

At the top of the hill you will find a large white stone cross and the imperial fort

It was on this mountain that one of the fiercest battles of the War of Independence took place, the Siege of Dubrovnik, which is commemorated in the museum of the imperial fort

The television mast that was there was destroyed by Yugoslavian air force fighters. There is a restaurant near the cable car if you want to have lunch although the picnic option is also possible!

This was the last leg of our trip and we loved being able to see Dubrovnik as a whole one last time from the heights.

Visit the Cathedral of the Assumption in Dubrovnik for free

Dubrovnik is steeped in a strong Catholic culture: there are many churches, including the beautiful Cathedral of the Assumption, which you can visit for free in Dubrovnik

It is located near the old port in the east of the old city. This baroque cathedral dates from the 17th century but was built and renovated earlier in Byzantine and Romanesque styles

The cathedral offers guided tours for a fee, but you can still visit it for free

You will find beautiful paintings and an altar that the cathedral is famous for.

Walking along the coast in the Lapad district

The Lapad district is located west of the old town. You can walk along the coast amidst rich vegetation and a Mediterranean forest

The walks are pleasant by the sea with beautiful views. There are also beautiful hidden gardens: this area is a very romantic place in Dubrovnik

You can take beautiful walks and admire the old town. You will be far from the historical city but you can easily reach Lapad by shuttle bus.

Free activity in Dubrovnik: Walk on the Dance Cove

Dance Cove is a beautiful beach located in the Pile district. It is one of the oldest beaches in the city and its landscape is idyllic

It is one of the most famous beaches in southern Dalmatia. On the beaches of Danca (its real name), the sea is deeper, colder than on the other beaches

It is not a beach for swimming or for children. The water is colder and the current stronger

Choose this beach for your walks more than for your sunbathing breaks. Above the beach, we could see the church and the monastery of Saint Mary.

What to do for free in Dubrovnik? Go to the market

There are many nice markets in Dubrovnik that will allow you to discover the local crafts and cuisine

You will find many local markets in all the neighborhoods. In the old town we liked to discover the old town market or the fish market

In the district of Gruz you will also find a very rich and popular market

Finally, we also recommend the market in Lapad. Walking through the stores, smelling the scents and discovering the handicrafts will be a way for you to get to know Dubrovnik and Croatia better

Discover the history on the city walls in Dubrovnik

When discovering a city, admiring the walls is an interesting way to understand the history and architecture of the city.

Dubrovnik is a medieval city built on medieval codes as evidenced by the street network or the city walls

Nevertheless, most of the buildings and squares are in the Baroque style which marks an evolution of the city

What is important to remember is that Dubrovnik does not have a unified style and has been rebuilt many times. Its architecture bears witness to its history.

Search for the hidden gardens of Lapad

Lapad is the area of Dubrovnik where the vegetation is the densest and most representative of Croatia and the Adriatic coast

In addition to strolling along the beaches, we really recommend walking through the hidden gardens in the neighborhoods: for an even more romantic atmosphere.

Visit Dubrovnik for free

This offer is not permanent but from time to time the tourist office offers free guided tours of Dubrovnik

This tour is usually held on Saturdays, but we recommend that you inquire about it as it is not always available

With a professional and knowledgeable guide, you can discover Dubrovnik’s old town, the historic center, and learn more about Croatian culture and the history of this beautiful city.

Dubrovnik, like many large tourist cities, offers few free activities, but with a little searching you can find something to do with little money

Indeed, activities such as going to the beach or walking are very popular in Dubrovnik because the landscape is very interesting: you will discover gardens, hills but also creeks and pebble beaches

While walking around, you will discover many monuments, and understand a little bit more about the architecture of the city

You might even recognize some of the places and sights from the Game of Thrones series! In any case, we wish you a wonderful visit to this unusual city.

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