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The 15 best free activities in Granada

Do you want to visit Granada and spend as little as possible?

Then follow this Top 15 of free visits, museums and activities to do in Granada that we have created for you to enjoy without breaking the bank.

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Visit the Alhambra Palace for free


Although the palaces and formal gardens of the Alhambra are only accessible accessible only with a ticket, a large part of the Alhambra can be visited for free!

The first part you access after climbing up from the Plaza Nueva, for example, takes you through what was one of the fort’s main entrances and into a large outdoor area that offers stunning views of the Alhambra

From here, you can also get a close-up view of the mighty towers that once defended Granada against invading Christian armies


The central courtyard of Charles V’s palace, the Museum of Fine Arts and the beautiful street that leads to the Generalife gardens are also accessible.

We highly recommend this visit, if only to see this architectural wonder!

Official website: https: //www.alhambra-patronato.es/

The Mirador of San Nicolas


Besides the Alhambra itself, the Mirador de San Nicolas is the biggest attraction in Granada: it is a square that offers the most beautiful view the most beautiful view of the palace and the Sierra Nevada in the distance.

It has a very pleasant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you are if you are lucky, there will be some very good flamenco singing and guitar playing, so guitar playing, so listen up!

We invite you to visit this tourist attraction, as it truly offers a breathtaking view that will undoubtedly make you take equally beautiful pictures!

Official website: http: //fr.granadatur.com/monumento/175-mirador-de-san-nicolas/

A walk along the Darro River


In spring, it is hot in Granada, and in summer, it is even hotter (over 35 degrees a day, sometimes over 40)!

So if you are visiting during either of these seasons, we warmly recommend taking the small path that leads down to the banks of the Darro River, as it will take a few degrees off the temperature and is a wonderful place to picnic and paddle!

darro-visite-gratuite-grenade (2)

If you walk down the river for a few minutes and pass under the bridge, you will then reach a green and rarely visited part of the riverbank where you will put on a hammock between two trees and set up camp for the afternoon

There are few better ways to escape the ferocious midday heat in Granada without breaking the bank!

Official website: https: //www.alhambra-patronato.es/descubrir/monumentos-andalusies/el-banuelo

What to do for free in Granada? The Bañuelo, traditional Arabic baths

visite-bains-arabes-grenade (1)

The Arab Baths of Bañuelo date back to the 11th century and are considered the oldest, most complete and most important in Spain

It was a traditional meeting place for the locals, who came here for haircuts and massages

Men and women met at different times and rarely left their homes (except for a weekly visit to the cemetery and one or two monthly visits to the baths). Brides-to-be also came here before their wedding.

visite-bains-arabes-grenade (2)

One enters the baths through a small house that was rebuilt in the Christian era

At the end of a small corridor (zaguán), there is a courtyard with a pool (alberca) and from there you can access the baths themselves, with their three rooms: the cold room, (sala de refresco), the central room (sala central) and finally, the hot room (sala caliente)

The columns come from Roman and Visigothic ruins, and the octagonal or star-shaped holes in the roof allow light to enter and steam to escape. They also reduced the weight of the roof.

The Bañuelo are a place we suggest you see, as they are true witnesses of the city’s Arab past.

Official website: https: //www.alhambra-patronato.es/descubrir/monumentos-andalusies/el-banuelo

Carmen de los Mártires, villa and gardens

Carmen-de-los-Martires-grenade-gratuit (1)

Carmen de los Mártires is a 19th century house and ornamental park, just to the right of the Alhambra Palace

On the other side there are interesting views of the Alhambra and beautiful views of the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada.

Although these beautifully manicured gardens are quite well known in Granada, we still recommend you to visit them, as they always feel like a secret!

Carmen-de-los-Martires-grenade-gratuit (2)

Small rock caves and secluded areas give this space a magical feel, as does the incredibly romantic tower at its center. Don’t hesitate to climb to the top to admire the view!

Official website: https: //www.spain.info/fr/que-quieres/arte/jardines-historicos/granada/carmen_de_los_martires.html#

Tapas Tasting

tapas-gratuite-grenade (1)

Granada is famous and unique in Spain for its tapas scene, and rightly so: nowhere else in the country is there such a thing as tapas nowhere else in the country is a “surprise dish” served free of charge served for free, along with beer, wine and soft drinks!

So one of the pleasures of visiting this city is not having to save money for expensive meals out


For the price of a couple of (very cheap) drinks, you will have enjoyed generous portions of some of the local delicacies.

If you had to name just one tapas bar, we’d recommend Los Diamantes, a typical place where you won’t be asked your dues for a generous plate of tapas!

Official website: http: //www.barlosdiamantes.com/

Street Art


One of the first things you’ll notice when walking around the center of Granada is that the level of graffiti is very high!

This is due to a vibrant street art scene, pioneered by the artist Raul Ruiz (better known as El Nino de las Pinturas).


His depictions of humans remain quite unparalleled, and all of his works combine great technical skill with powerful emotion

His images are scattered throughout the city, but the greatest concentration is in the old Jewish neighborhood of Realejo.

Official website: https: //granadainfo.com/realejo.htm

The Cathedral of the Incarnation

cathedrale-grenade-visite-monument (2)

The Cathedral of the Incarnation or Cathedral of Granada is imposing and hard to miss! This spectacular building is 115.40 m long and 65 m wide and is located in the center of the city

It is truly a must-see place that we highly suggest you visit on your trip to Granada!

cathedrale-grenade-visite-monument (1)

Like most of the Christian buildings in Granada, the cathedral was built on the site of the old mosque

The site of the old mosque has since been replaced by four buildings: the cathedral, the royal chapel, the Sagrario and the Merchants’ Exchange.

Official website: https: //catedraldegranada.com/

Free tour in Granada: The Sacromonte neighborhood


Wondering what you can see for free in Granada? Well, visit the Sacromonte neighborhood!

For six centuries, immigrants have traveled to Granada and found refuge in the hills of Cerro de San Miguel. Rejecting the norm, these gypsy travelers dug troglodyte houses in the mountain that the locals call “cuevas”.


We heartily recommend a hike to the Sacromonte, as you’ll pass through the white houses of the Muslim quarter, see the best views of Granada (especially the Alhambra) from the top, and get a glimpse of how Granada’s bohemians live.

Official website: https: //alhambragrenade.fr/sacromonte.html

Visit the Federico Garcia Lorca Museum for free


This is the summer house where the poet and playwright Federico García Lorca lived for lived for ten years before being shot at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Guided tours of the museum take place every 45 minutes and last 30 minutes. On Wednesdays, the entrance to this revealing collection of documents, documents, sketches and photographs related to the life of Granada’s most famous poet can be can be visited free of charge.

We encourage you to visit this museum to get a feel for Granada’s cultural heritage.

Official website: http: //www.huertadesanvicente.com/

Flamenco Shows


There are many places where you can see flamenco shows in the streets, and the most likely places to find them are after 8:00 p.m. in Plaza Nueva, Plaza de las Pasiegas (near the cathedral) and the Mirador San Nicolás.

These performances of Granada’s art take place mostly at the end of the day, so we suggest that you take the time to attend one of these folkloric shows!

Address: in many of the city’s squares

Official website (for paid performances): https: //www.flamencogranada.org/fr/

A hike in the Sierra Nevada National Park


While the history of Granada should be discovered and studied as much as possible, the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains are just as worth exploring!

They are part of the Sierra Nevada National Park, the largest national park in Spain.

The park covers 515 square kilometers (from Granada to the border of Almeria) and includes one of the highest mountains in Europe


With the Mulhacen, which is 3285 meters high, there are more than 20 mountains to explore in addition to multiple lakes, rivers and forest areas

If you love to contemplate the beauty of natural sites, we strongly invite you to go hiking in this national park!

The nearby ski resort of Sierra Nevada, the southernmost ski resort in Europe, offers over 100 kilometers of trails with chairlifts and gondolas throughout

In summer, lifts transport visitors to some of the park’s highest peaks, including Veleta (the highest after Mulhacen) and the scenic trails that follow.

Official website: https: //www.andalucia.org/fr/sierra-nevada/

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