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What to do at night in Budapest? Top 10 places

Don’t know what to do at night in Budapest? Whether you are a party animal or a quiet night owl, a lover of bars, pubs, concerts or any other lively place, what could be better than a night out in Budapest to feel the atmosphere of a district where it is good to go out. Here is my selection of the best places to spend a good evening.

Budapest nights are characterized by their eclecticism, diversity and vitality. Increasingly popular with visitors looking for an unpretentious, relaxed and offbeat nightlife atmosphere, the Hungarian capital offers an incomparable range of nightlife options that you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s discover together 10 nice places, which will make your evening in Budapest unforgettable.

The SzimplaKert

Budapest is becoming more and more famous for its ruin pubs, and there is no better place to discover this unique trend than to go to the one where it all started. Indeed, SzimplaKert is considered the birthplace of the mythical ruin pubs, and although it can be relatively crowded, especially on weekends, it is the ideal place to discover the heart of Budapest’s nightlife.

Address:SzimplaKert, Kazinczy u. 14, Budapest

Phone: +36 202 618 669

The Dürer Kert

Located in the Városliget Park (or City Woods), in a former university building, this ruin pub offers its visitors a relaxed atmosphere with a rich and varied concert program. In the garden, guests can lounge in hammocks, play foosball or play a game of bowls. Inside, the many rooms host various concerts throughout the year.

Address: DürerKert, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21, Budapest

Telephone: +36 1 789 4444

The A38 Ship

Here is a very original place. Indeed, moored on the bank of Puda, in the middle of the city, precisely under the Petőfi Bridge, there is a large refurbished barge, with 5 bar areas, a restaurant, and an outdoor terrace. The A38 Ship (or Artemovszk 38) also shines as a concert venue, with a lineup of Hungarian and international artists.

Address:A38Ship, Petőfihíd, Budapest

Phone: +36 1 464 3940

The “Sparty” (for “Spa parties”) at the Szechenyi Spa

On Saturday evenings throughout the year, the famous Szechenyi Spa in Budapest welcomes revelers from all over the world to enjoy its famous “Spa parties”, or “sparty”. It’s a unique opportunity to let your hair down (and dry) in beautiful surroundings, with DJs playing live sets and light shows turning the historic spa into one of the best nightclubs in town.

Address:Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Állatkertikrt, Budapest

Phone: +36 1 363 3210

Night baths at Rudas Thermal Baths

For a relaxing bathing session in the middle of the night, go to the Rudas Thermal Baths, at the foot of Mount Gellért. Built in 1550, during the Ottoman Empire, the baths underwent a complete renovation in 2006, and now present a modern interior, while retaining original elements, which testify to its Turkish origins. On Fridays and Saturdays, the baths are open from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., offering you an original way to spend a unique night in Budapest.

Address:Rudas Thermal Baths, Döbrenteitér 9, Budapest

Phone: +36 1 356 1010

Dare to challenge yourself in an Escape Room

If you like a challenge, this could be a fun way to start an evening. Escape games have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Budapest has a large supply of them. Participants are locked in a themed room, and have one hour to search for a number of clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. There is a wide range of difficulty levels and themes, from fun, zany, to fabulous, to scary (who would be tempted by an adaptation of the Saw movies?). To test a sure thing, go to the E-Exit, which offers a choice of three themes. Good luck!

Address: E-ExitEscape Game, Nyár u. 27, Budapest

Phone: +36 308 893 633

Enjoy a drink in the garden

Colorful decorations, hammocks, and a relaxing atmosphere are undoubtedly gathered in Budapest’s outdoor gardens. Drinks are usually reasonably priced, and the establishments usually welcome an international crowd. These pleasant outdoor venues are a great way to start a summer evening. Koleves, in the 7th district, is very popular with both locals and visitors alike, thanks to its laid-back beach atmosphere.

Address:Kőleves, Kazinczy u, Budapest

Phone: +36 1 322 1011

The Cotton Club

In the heart of Budapest, on the corner of Jókaiutca and Weiner Leo utca, behind a smoked glass door, you will discover a parallel universe called the Cotton Club, whose rooms are located in the basement, and evokes the unique atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s.

The Orpheum Room is a perfect place for the most affluent travelers, with live entertainment, a bar offering fine cocktails and other high-end drinks, and a cigar lounge offering unparalleled comfort. We highly recommend this place to those looking for a grand and exclusive Hungarian experience. It is the ideal place to play a game of chess or read the newspaper while soaking up the atmosphere, but also for business meetings and appointments.

Address: Jókaiutca 26, 1066 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 354 0886

Las Vegas Casino

The Las Vegas Casino, located in the Sofitel Hotel Budapest, is an exciting place where luxury and gambling meet.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of one of the Hungarian capital’s most remarkable landmarks, the historic Chain Bridge over the Danube River, while participating in the thrilling activity of table gaming. Since its opening night in 1992, hosted by Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the casino has managed to maintain its status as a world-class gambling venue. In addition to the most popular live and electronic casino games, offering a range of betting options to suit all pockets, the highly trained, multi-lingual staff will ensure a relaxed experience, with the facility offering VIP hospitality to elite travelers. The establishment can also provide private rooms and tables for players seeking privacy.

Address: SzécsényiIstvántér 2, 1052 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 266 2081

N-Y Café &Cigar Bar

Located in the Boscolo New York Palace Hotel, this restaurant celebrates the art of Italian living through the quality of its cuisine.

Here, exquisite flavors can be discovered in an unforgettable atmosphere of gold, velvet and silverware that evokes nostalgia for a bygone era. The NewYork Café is often considered the beating heart of the hotel, and is usually filled with intellectuals and artists, who hold their business meetings here. The 4-story layout and original decor of the establishment have managed to preserve its historical splendor, while the adjoining Cigar Bar can be seen as a place lost in time, which will delight the most nostalgic among you.

Address: Boscolo New York Palace. Erzsébetkrt. 9-11, 1073 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 886 6111

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