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Where to go out in Stockholm at night? Top places to see

From medieval cobblestone streets to park picnic spots and waterfront terraces the waterfront, Stockholm’s nightlife moves outside as the sun comes out and the lakes thaw! as the sun comes out and the lakes thaw!

The island structure of the Swedish capital is the reason for the diversity of diversity of watering holes: Södermalm is the social epicenter of many södermalm is the social epicenter of many inhabitants, while the champagne and seafood bars of Östermalm attract Stockholm’s rich and famous. And on Gamla Stan, the island in island in the old town across from the central station, there are plenty of tourist traps, but tourist traps, but the place is still worth a visit for some little-known gems the side streets.

So we’ve put together a list of 12 things to do and places to go in Stockholm where to go in Stockholm once the sun goes down. Enjoy!

1. Gamla Stan at dusk

Gamla Stan is the old town of Stockholm. It’s a great district for pedestrian friendly, full of charming buildings lining the cobblestone streets and safe at night. Cafes and restaurants line the streets, including the restaurant Den Gyldene Freden, the second oldest restaurant in the world to have in the world to have remained untouched!

To get a feel for the neighborhood, we suggest you simply walk around and simply walk around and choose the bar and/or restaurant you want to go to and/or the restaurant in which you will spend your evening.

Address : Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Address : https://www.visitstockholm.com/see–do/attractions/gamla-stan/

2. Where to go out in Stockholm?Hell’s Kitchen

Totally rejecting the idea of minimalism, Hell’s Kitchen presents styles ranging from Roman Renaissance to 19th century Tokyo and prides itself on its eclectic boasts eclectic concepts.

It’s a popular nightclub, staying open later than the competition with an emphasis on careful and impeccable service. Each drink table is served by an individual waitress, offering unparalleled treatment in Stockholm nightlife! So if you’re looking for an evening out in an exclusive atmosphere, we suggest you visit Hell’s Kitchen.

Address: Sturegatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //sturecompagniet.se/hells-kitchen/

3. An evening dinner cruise

Dinner and drinks can be taken on board the S/S Stockholm, a 90-year-old steamer a 90-year-old steamship originally built for the King of Sweden. Relax in the lounge and enjoy the view as the ship sails along the stockholm’s docks after dark.

Tickets start at 195 Swedish kronor (18 euros) and include a seat by the window includes a seat by the window, food and drinks. If you are if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, this dinner cruise is the perfect activity the perfect activity we urge you to do!

Address: Strandvägen 8, 114 56 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //www.stromma.com/en-se/stockholm/dining-cruises/dinner-cruises/dinner-cruise-along-the-citys-quays/

4. Mamma Mia! The Party

This Greek tavern-style restaurant immerses you in a theatrical dining experience experience, inspired by the musical and movie “Mamma Mia! Mia!

Enjoy great food while singing along with the cast of of ABBA. To attend this event that sells out quite quickly, we strongly advise you to reserve your seats on the restaurant’s website of the restaurant.

Address: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 2, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //www.mammamiatheparty.com/

5. What to do in the evening? The Royal Opera House of Stockholm

The Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, also known as Kungliga Operan, is located on the edge of on the edge of Lilla Vartan. Its construction was commissioned nearly 250 years ago by almost 250 years ago by King Gustav III (who was later shot dead at a masked ball in 1789) a masked ball in 1792). This structure was then demolished and rebuilt rebuilt, giving Stockholm the neoclassical building that is still in use today used today.

Opera and ballet performances take place regularly. For a for a guided tour of this magnificent building, we urge you to book your for a guided tour of this magnificent building on Saturdays.

Address: Gustav Adolfs torg 2, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //www.operan.se/

6. The best cocktail bar in Stockholm: Pharmarium

Overlooking the cobblestones of Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm, this refined, artisanal cocktail bar once housed the city’s first pharmacy of the city. A nod to its medieval roots, the dark wooden walls are designed to its medieval roots, the dark wooden walls are designed to resemble a huge medicine cabinet filled with medicine drawers, each labeled with Latin words for the traditional ingredients of traditional apothecary ingredients.

The green marble bar features a changing array of creative drinks infused with herbs and spices. Elsewhere, you’ll find a souk-like lounge area flanked by flanked by embroidered rugs and red fringed armchairs. At weekdays, the atmosphere will be discreet and romantic, and on weekends, live DJs will live DJs will make you discover a more convivial atmosphere. To guarantee you a table a table, we strongly suggest that you make a reservation. If you’re feeling peckish don’t miss out on the snacks, specially designed to complement the individual the individual cocktails.

Address: Stortorget 7, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: http: //www.pharmarium.se/

7. Stockholm’s best club: Sturecompagniet

Stockholm’s biggest club has also been one of the country’s most legendary for years! legendary in the country! It is composed of four rooms distributed on two levels, around a around a spectacular atrium. Guests can choose from the many bars and dance floors, each with its own style of music. The nightclub has recently undergone a tasteful renovation that has the classic architecture with elegant facades.

So if you like to party in style, we recommend sturecompagniet.

Address: Sturegatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //sturecompagniet.se/

8. Icebar

Enjoy a unique taste of the Swedish Arctic in this unique location! The creators of the Ice Hotel have created the world’s first permanent ice bar the world. The temperature is maintained at -5°C all year round and the entire interior including the glasses, is made of 100% pure clear ice from the Torne River torne river in Swedish Lapland!

This tiny bar can accommodate 60 people for a maximum of 45 minutes at a time minutes at a time. Warm cloaks and gloves are provided to ensure the comfort of the comfort, and Absolut cocktails to warm up from the inside warm up from the inside. To save a little money, we suggest you make a reservation your visit.

Address: Vasaplan 4, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //hotelcstockholm.com/icebar-stockholm-by-icehotel/

9. The Spy Bar

Very trendy (and with prices to match…), the Spy Bar is an intimate and elegant place with intimate and elegant place, with excellent DJs, where a rather heterogeneous crowd of people people come to have fun. It gets very crowded after midnight, so we strongly advise you to get there early.

Its most famous feature is indeed the queue to get in, as it remains one of the because it remains one of the most exclusive clubs in Stockholm. The Spy Bar is an excellent choice to enjoy very special cocktails, good music and music and a real party atmosphere.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 20, 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //www.stureplansgruppen.se/nightlife/

10. Laika

You probably won’t be able to nap on the giant double bed or the comfy or on the comfy sofas at Laika, a noisy, industrial and vintage-style venue and vintage style, where the focus is on live music and DJs. Offering techno techno, indie, spoken word and stand-up comedy, it’s one of Södermalm’s södermalm, attracting 30-somethings from all over the capital! the capital!

We suggest you to be patient to get in, especially on weekends after 11pm, because the especially on weekends after 11pm, as the lines can be long. On on quieter evenings, retro board games will keep you busy. You will find Laika on the second floor of a large, angular glass building called Hornhuset, which also houses a tapas restaurant, a pizza bar, a sports bar and a small rooftop and a small rooftop terrace. There are some delicious local beers, but the but the wine list is more limited.

Address: Långholmsgatan 15b, 117 33 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: https: //www.hornhuset.se/

11. Trädgården

Outside and under a bridge during the summer, then moved inside during the winter winter, is Trädgården. It is known as one of the best nightclubs in nightclubs in Stockholm and attracts those who enjoy its festival atmosphere.

Think DJs on stage, drinks, flashing lights, games, dancing and live music in this unusual place! The lines are long, so be prepared to wait. We recommend you we recommend you to go to this nightclub if you like to dance and party in a and party in a summer atmosphere!

Address: Hammarby Slussväg 2, 118 60 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: http: //www.tradgarden.com/

12. Ghost Hunt

If you like to discover a city’s hidden secrets, the Ghost Hunt and Stockholm’s if you like to discover the hidden secrets of a city, then the Ghost Hunt and Stockholm History Tour might be for you!

This one and a half hour night tour takes you through the alleys and courtyards of Gamla Stan and courtyards of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, the very place where you you would expect to find ghosts and other nocturnal visitors..

Your English-speaking guide will share with you true stories of murders, unsolved mysteries unsolved mysteries, myths and legends as well as the general history of the of the region.

For 285 SEK (27 euros), we invite you to do this activity, to spice up your stay in the Swedish capital! swedish capital!


Website: https: //14553.partner.viator.com/tours/Stockholm/The-Original-Stockholm-Ghost-Walk-and-Historical-Tour/d907-3194GHOST

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